Monday, August 8, 2011

Banana splits for breakfast?

My wonderful husband introduced me to a fantastic way to eat banana spits for breakfast. When we were first married my husband asked me if I had ever eaten ice cream in my oat meal. I admitted to him that I hadn't and I also thought it sounded really nasty. But he convinced me to try it and I FELL IN LOVE!!

Basically you build a banana spit on top of your oatmeal and enjoy. We have discovered that we like more fruity stuff than chocolaty flavors.

So here is how to make it. In a bowl cook up the desired amount of oatmeal. My husband and I usually cook it in the microwave. Then place your favorite flavor of ice cream-We have enjoyed cherry(it is probably our favorite actually), strawberry and mountian blueberry (cookies and cream is okay). Surprisingly even though i am a chocolate lover i didn't really like it in this. Then top with desired fruit- We love strawberries, bananas and peaches.
Then pour yourself a big glass of milk or orange juice and enjoy some good eatens!!

My life long dream

I feel that my life long dream has now been fulfilled. I am a wife to the most wonderful and supportive husband (not to mention extremely attractive) and a mother to the most beautiful baby. You would think that I would get annoyed of doing the same thing all the time-Cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking meals, feeding James every 2 hours, Changing poopy diapers, and repeat it all over again. But to be honest I love it! I love being a home maker and taking care of my small family. I find pure Joy in being able to feed my husband tasty meals that he loves and watching my son smile in his sleep. I look forward to the future but I will take my time enjoying the present.

Little Clippings

So a couple days after bringing James home we got had a nail clipping party. I know that this is random to blog about but i thought it was cute so here it goes. It started with me needed to clip my toe nails-i haven't been able to reach them in forever. Then i moved on to James because his nails were long from being overdue and i didn't want him to scratch himself. Then we realized that Oreo needed her nails clipped because she had been scratching the stairs and she only does that if her nails get nice and long so i decided to clip her nails too. Then Adam realized that his were getting long and needed clipping. By the end of it we were all well groomed and pretty (in Adam and James's case Handsome. It was just fun to have our little nail clipping party.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

James is here

Well I wanted to keep a good record of James's birth and for those who happen to want to know how it went the is what happened.
He arrived 8 days overdue. I was totally ready for him to be here.

Well i was having some pretty intense contractions Friday night so we went into the hospital and they said that i was only dilated to a 1 and they sent us home. So the contractions continued. The only way i was able to get rest was by taking a nap and sleeping for 1-2 hours every once and a while. I was exhausted. Adam was amazingly supportive and went on walks with me, got me water and food, and blew up my exercise ball so i could sit on it. Finally on early Monday morning i started having contractions 5 min apart for 2 hours- they were being consistent so we went in again. I got checked and i was dilated to a 6 Woo Hoo we got admitted into the hospital. I was checked in about 4:30 and was dilated to a 9 at 11 but since James was facing anterior he got stuck on my cervix and wouldn't progress. We were stuck for about 3 hours. Dr. Robinson came in and said that he wanted to give me pitossin to see if that would help me progress to a 10 and if it didn't work within an hour then i would need to have a C-Section. By this point i was hurting and exhausted, i was at the end of my rope and i needed something to help with the pain. I had been doing it natural all the way up to this point. So I decided i wanted an epidural. Gery came in and started my epidural and it felt amazing. I told him that he was my favorite person that day. Thank heavens for Gary. I was so tired, I fell asleep for about an hour after getting the epi and then my nurse came in and asked if i wanted to start pushing. I said sure. Luckily the epi has relaxed my cervix to a 10 so i could push instead of having a C-Section. So we started to push and it to was about an hour of pushing before he came. Dr. Robinson said that I was a good pusher and that everything went well. James William Gedeborg was here he weighed 8lbs and 5.5oz and was 21 inches long.

The doctor even let me cut the umbilical cord even which was really cool!

The recovery room was amazing we got a family room that had a queen size bed and I loved being able to sleep with Adam and relax.

The recovery has been going fantastic and James has been eating like a champ. I Am addicted to his sweet face and can't get enough of holding him and kissing his face and playing with his cute toes. So he is here YAY!!!