Thursday, July 14, 2011

41 weeks?!

Well here is an update on what is going on with Adam and I
We went to the doctor yesterday and he said that we will probably have to wait until I am 41 weeks along to even think about going into labor. We are excited for this little guy to join us but we (or i should say I) am learning patience.
We took a tour of the hospital that we are going to be delivering at and it looks wonderful. in the recovery area there is an option of having a queen bed instead of 2 hospital beds-so you can cuddle with your hubby and everything in bed SO NICE!!
Adam is working hard on and i have been making an attempt at doing advertising for the site. We will see how it turns out and we will probably ask people to check it out once it is up and running.
I have been tired, sore and hungry most if not all the time. We are so excited for James William Gedeborg to join our small family.
well i think that is it for now! love you all.