Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Los Betos

So recently Adam and I have stumbled upon a wonderful Mexican restaurant. It is called Los Betos This place has just about the best Mexican food i have ever eaten. I am kind of picky about my Mexican food to be honest and to me this place surpasses some of the more expensive restaurants that I have been to. The tortillas are amazing, and just the beans and rice are addicting. When we went Adam just a plain cheese and bean burrito and that was hands down the best burrito I have ever tasted. But I ordered the chicken chimichanga (#16) this thing was massive. It came with a side of rice and beans and had some pico de gallo on the side. It also had some guacamole and sour cream on top of it. Now this was the most amazing chimichanga I have ever had. It was cooked to a crispy perfection and then the inside chicken was moist not because there was sauce inside but the chicken itself melted in your mouth. Oh it was heaven. I am so excited to go back there and try some more. And all of this food cost around $7. Talk about good food on a budget.


  1. oh!! try their texano (it's a burrito with chicken and FRENCH FRIES in it, it's delicious!)

  2. sounds so good! we tried the california last time we went and it was really good too.